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Dr. Wood
Feb 20, 2022
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As I said in my bucket list post here's a fantasy I have had since I was a teenager. My first ever sexual experience occurred in the summer, I was 15/16 working my first summer job as a pool boy. I was working on fishing leaves out of one pool when next door a very attractive woman in her mid-late 40s came out to her patio and sat down on a pool chair. She was wearing a bikini that left little to the imagination. I tried to be cool and focus on the leaves but raging hormones and puberty I couldn’t be more obvious. She clearly noticed too and as I tried not to steal glances toward her while she laid in her pool chair reading her book she was glancing in my direction as well. We finally made eye contact and she gave me a big smirk clearly enjoying the attention. To up the ante and mess with me some more she then undid her bikini top and slowly applied lotion laughing to herself as I quickly looked away embarrassed. Somehow I was able to finish getting all the leaves and I didn’t want to linger so I gathered by things and prepared to leave. I took one last glance at the woman and she was getting up to leave too. We met eyes for the last time and she gave me that same smirk and then slowly moved her hand toward her bikini bottom and gave me a quick flash, before turning around and walking back into the house. That memory is burned into my mind and despite growing up going to college, having a serious relationship etc, I have never been able to encapsulate that thrilling feeling. So ideally I would love to have a raunchy time with a mature/cougar type provider and satisfy that first burst of sexual energy I felt all those years ago.
Dr. Wood

Dr. Wood

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