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Tele-cat Johnson
May 10, 2022
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Getting up at 0-buttcrack-thirty to hit the road. The coffee pot has the coffee ready for me. It's mostly decaf (because of my Meniere's disease) but it's hot on the back of my sore throat. (Allergies and post-nasal drip). Showered last night before bed so the body, such as it is, is ready to go. I've tested out the truck since the head gasket was replaced, and it's road-worthy (much different from street-worthy). Brakes and tires are good. Engine and transmission oil are new, as is the differential oil. Coolant, too. Hit the road with a tank of Costco gas, my phone with my 16-hour platlist on it. KFHD, fuckhead radio for wherever Pete is. Breakfast burritos from Taco Smell. Coffee Thermos. Hit 101 for only a few miles, take 580 east all the way to 880, which will put me on I80 without having to go through the City. Get past Vallejo, and traffic opens up My partially rebuilt engine (head gasket and valve job) is purring along, as I pass SAC my leg starts getting tired from holding one position (truck doesn't have cruise control). Staying in the right lane because at Truckee's altitude, that li'l ol' four-banger has me in third gear (automatics are for...) and really giving it a test. It passed with flying colors. Mostly brown. On the downhill into Reno. Never get off the freeway, just blasting with only pee stops along the way. Finally roll into Battle Mountain, where the cheap gas is. Not yet running on fumes but the "low fuel" light is on. Have a full bio break at the truck stop (good timing and a little fully leaded coffee) and I'm singing along with Willie! Pull into the parking lot of the Dovetail. I'm pulling out my smoker and needed consumables for the cook. Mia sent money for the meat, I got eight racks of pork spare ribs, four whole chickens and for those who are patient enough to wait until tomorrow, a full-sized beef brisket. But this evening, we can eat ribs and chicken. Everyone is partying to beat the band, while I'm hanging back at the smoker, dozing (420, ya know), listening to Delbert and relaxing. Have some awesome 2009 El Dorado County Petite Syrah. It's warm, not hot, and I'm enjoying being a spectator. Mia comes back and hangs with me for a while. We shoot the shit, I tell her more about myself (and get weepy, my past has almost never been fun). Mia gives me an enthusiastic hug and cuddles with me for a few, before heading back to the active party-goers. Come 2000 hours or so, I ring the feed bell. All dem ribs and all dat chicken VANISH so I'm glad I held some back for Mia and me. Mike, too. All night, I'm snoozing in my chair. Mia brings me a nice sleeping bag to keep my lower extremities warm (still got a brisket to finish), keeping the cooker temp near 225 all night. Still listening to my playlist. Early morning, I check the cooker before first light, and stoke it to keep it at temp for a while, while I go do to the river and go fishing. My ultralight rig is set up for throwing small spinners, and my light rig is set up for using bait. I take my identical "other" chair and drive 278, across 80 and down to the river. Tonight I'm going to camp "down by the river." Sunday noon arrives and after some brisket finishing ritual, at 1300, lunch is served. Hordes move in to snarf brisket sandwiches with BBQ sauce. Mia sneaks over and whispers in my ear, "Pete, you've worked so hard and driven so far, I think you've earned a couple hours." The cook is done, so why not. I wink at Mia and we disappear. No, you get no details, Geez, it may be just a fantasy (and I've probably blown bast some boundaries, anyway) but your minds are deep enough in the gutter, anyway. :P Fishing was good, so I offer the ladies "Surf and Turf," Trout and brisket, for supper. I even remembered the alder chips for the salmon. Sleep in my truck "Down by the river," and drive back up for brisket and eggs. Plenty of brisket left over (Ladies get half) and brisket and eggs is awesome. Clean up the smoker, load it up and head for the Pine Forest Mountains, and trout fishing while float tubing. And I take many precious memories with me. That's one thing on the list.
Tele-cat Johnson
Apr 08, 2022
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This is no shit....dude could fuckin' sing!!! And how about the World's Most Dangerous Band? I may be old but I lived in a golden age. Sonja gets it. We had embarrassment of riches.
What I think of the Dovetail women... content media
Tele-cat Johnson
Mar 30, 2022
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Get to Carlin early, before dawn. Head down to the river where the wild trout live. Hope I get lucky with the fish. Head into town for pizza for the house. I wouldn't just buy for Cia and me (she is my one and only, from afar) everyone gets pie. Do the evening with Mia. Wish I could afford the night. This is on my bucket list, right at the top. Aside: Mike, are there fish in that section of the river? Asking for a friend :-D
Tele-cat Johnson

Tele-cat Johnson

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