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Feb 27, 2022
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Hey all, I'm thinking of making a trip to Elko sometime this year. It would be after Dovetail has opened it's doors and I'm currently in the process of planning a trip. I live in North Carolina which is on the other side of the country and it would be almost 3,000 miles to get to Nevada. While I could drive, the gas prices and the very long drive (takes 3+ days and requires multiple stops at rest stops and lodging) would make it a very exhausting trip to take. Therefore, I am thinking of flying from NC to UT, then driving west to reach Dovetail. If anyone has recommendations on flying, renting a car, lodging, feel free to let me know. Additionally, after Dovetail has opened, will there be a way to know if the lady in particular that I wish to party with will be available or her available times? I want to plan my trip around her schedule if possible. Oh and one more thing to ask. I am fully vaccinated as well as boosted (got my booster back in November 2021) just fyi. Would I be able to have a maskless and no covid restriction party, like in 2019 (pre-pandemic)? -Gmaxx
Feb 19, 2022
In General Discussion
Hi everyone, as I've given my introduction in the introduction thread, here is a bit more detail on what I wish to do and accomplish. As people know, I have a bubblegum fetish and the bigger the bubble, the more aroused I am. I am looking towards head sized (minimum for me to get aroused - though the bigger it is the more excited I am) or bigger and always wishing to see someone's best bubbles. My goal is to have sex with a someone who is able to blow a head-sized bubble or bigger with bubblegum. Now some people might wonder, why not just go and buy custom videos from webcam models or fetish models if they cater to the bubblegum fetish? My answer to that is that they only fulfill half of my goal (the fetish aspect) but not the other part (sex), which is simply not sufficient for my purposes and goals. On the flip side, there are not many people out there who would be willing to undertake bubblegum due to the amount of time to pursue it, lack of interest, or simply not having the talent or ability to do so. Therefore, this puts me in a tough position. The webcam and fetish models provide one aspect of my goal but not the other while the others out there may provide sex, but not necessarily the fetish part. I want both, which means it would be with the same person (a woman who is willing to have sex but also possess the talent of blowing bubbles with bubblegum). I understand that my goal may be challenging to reach, but I believe that Dovetail might just be the right place to help me accomplish my goals and what I'm looking for. I want to thank Sonja for reaching out in regards to my goal and I have been in communication with her regarding details on how I would proceed with my goal. I'm still pretty new to this so I have a lot to learn. I am learning as I go as well too. Mods/Admins, if this post is better suited towards the 'wishlist' thread, feel free to move it there. -Gmaxx


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