The Honeymoon Experience

When tasked to write a blog bout what might interest someone about me there were several options to consider. The fact that I speak 8 languages fluently was one. My military experience might resonate with some. The world travel I’ve done? My multi-ethnic heritage? How I got my British accent? And then I thought, while these tidbits about me make for interesting conversation – none fully capture “me”. That was when I dug deep to find that one thing that defines me as a person. I’m going to share something very personal with you. It is the kind of love I witnessed throughout my childhood and it was the kind of love that grew me into the person I am today.

“I’m in such trouble.

You see I seem to have gotten myself stuck in the honeymoon period. It normally lasts about six months I’ve heard and I’m well into my 25 years and no sign of it letting up. In fact, it is getting worse and worse all the time. I’ll be doing quite well, you know being very strong and independent and manly, like you’re supposed to be, and then I’ll catch a glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye. Maybe its the curve of her neck in her pyjamas or the light falling quietly on her skin, it doesn’t take much - then I’m gone, carried away on a great swelling wave of love that leaves me kinda breathless, heart stopped and swollen, blood swooshing, drunk again.

I’m pretty consistently drunk actually whenever she’s home, at least half of my heart and most of my body smiling goofily wrapped in the sweet, sweet presence of her and the gorgeous scent of her passing me at the kitchen sink. Is this the domestic bliss of which I’ve heard so much? In this container of our meeting and our marriage there is warmth and passion, there are stories and poems, kisses and deep touches. There are children and heartaches, birds and lakes, sunlight and grey skies. There is love of all shades and textures, Monday love and Saturday love, river pebble soft love and eagle eye clear sight love. There is great coffee and great sex, there are chests like sun warmed cliffs and breasts of kindness and delight. There is time and there is growing older, there is death and there are beginnings. In this cauldron of love I am softened and made whole, I am a teenage boy and a wide, free man, I am human and I am divine.

And now I’m flying away as I am wont to do. Simple Karim simple. I love her. Like never before. I love her. Thank God I love her.”

The above was written by my father to my mother days before she crossed over. Sadly, many people go through their lives and never get to experience anything this transforming. Just being near this kind of love imbued me with life source energy. Even though I haven’t personally found my own soulmate to share this with, I am still changed by being so near to it. Knowing this gave me a mission. I want to share this with you. It doesn’t matter how brief, whether it’s over a span of time, a few days, or even hours. I want you to know to your marrow what this kind of soul-nourishing love feels like. I want to give you that. I can give you that. And even if it is just a moment in time, this is the kind of experience that you can carry within you forever.

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