Size Matters - Less is More!

If you’ve ever seen any of my films you’ve seen me take on some amazing penii in all the ways a girl can take them. You’ve seen me cooing over that giant man-meat with salacious delicacies like “What a big cock!” and “I don’t know if I can take all that!” and “Ohhh! You are topping out!” etc. Don’t get me wrong, that was all great fun. But those big dicks were there because the porn company has a size requirement and not because I don’t love all the other varieties that dicks come in. This is where I let you in on my secret. I love them all!

Recently I posted an article that explained “ideal penis size” has grown and shrunk throughout history. It pointed to Ancient Greeks who embraced the belief that the proper or beautiful penis is dainty and a big penis was grotesque and laughable. When did this shift? It didn’t. Multiple interpretations and preferences have coexisted throughout history. In fact, no matter the size of your package, there are points on history’s timeline when your dick has been laughable and grotesque, or admirable and desirable.

I enjoy small penises because they look cute, they’re easier to play with and they are a good fit for my petite body. I count myself as a pretty lucky girl because an average penis is just over 5 inches when hard. This means a 5 incher is the most “normal” type of penis to have. In fact, there is no biological advantage for penises to be bigger. When it comes to function, smaller is often better. So here are some of my reasons for believing less is more when it comes to penis size.

The orgasm-inducing part of my vagina is the first 2-3 inches into it. My clit and the soft, warm tissue leading to and just inside my opening have the highest number of pleasure-receptors. That’s why typically mouth, tongue, & fingers can make a woman cum more easily than a penis can. But with your fun-sized penis, you don’t need to penetrate deeper to give me orgasms if you know how to use your little guy. The same principle applies to anal sex. Smaller simply fits better and is less likely to create pain during penetration. The sexiest thing of all to me is cumming with your penis inside me which is more possible because you are built for me.

Call me selfish, but I know you are more likely to go out of your way to please me in bed. You probably worried a lot that your penis couldn’t satisfy a woman so you compensated by developing other talents in the bedroom to distract from what you thought was a weakness. I have news for you. About 75% of women cannot climax by penile penetration alone. And that’s a big reason you are ahead of the game when it cums to pleasing me in bed. Unlike the well-endowed guys who assumed they were pleasing the girl, you actually worked at it and cultivated skills.

And don’t even get me started on blowjobs! On second thought, please do. I’m just going to call it like it is. A smaller penis equals better blowjobs. If you go by most of the porn films out there, it’s fair to say most people think it looks sexy to see a small woman nibble on big hulking cocks. How do you think it feels to the nibbled on, though? No matter how good any girl is at giving a blow-job, a guy with a giant schlong will never get to see her best work. Even if she has the talents of a sword swallower, her teeth will likely scrape the shaft. I’ve actually met “well-hung” men who felt frustrated and deprived of ever getting a satisfying blowjob because their partners couldn’t go down far enough before gagging or couldn’t sustain long enough without getting TMJ. Forget about being able find out how it feels to get your whole package gobbled up.

There are other downsides for men who have plus-sized organs. It’s not as easy to get a condom that fits, they have to have specially tailored pants, and their penis hits the water when they sit on the toilet. But, I have good news for you if you are one of the unfortunate over-endowed. As you get older, it’s normal for your penis size to decrease. By the time you’re in your 60s to 70s you will likely lose over a half an inch in penis size. And that is a good thing.

And it’s not just with me that you smaller guys have an advantage. Men with 5 inches or less can literally copulate with anyone for successful penetrating sex. Your penis was designed to easily insert into the greatest number of women. Yours fits comfortably into a woman’s vagina not to mention her anus. Best of all, because it’s smaller, you can maneuver it better and deliver the stimulation right where your partner needs it. This means you have a much broader range of women you can have sex with. And, lots of women prefer smaller penises. You read that right. There's lots to love about a guy with an average or below average sized penis. This is probably the exact opposite of what you grew up believing and your first response might be to assume I’m making this up. But ponder this: some men love women with big asses, some men love women with small titties, some men love skinny, or curvy, or small, or tall, or dark, or fair women. Your preferences for physical traits in the opposite sex can vary wildly. Why should women be any different? Just as you do, I like what I like. I am sweet on dicks and that includes your fun-sized mini-schlong – I like what you’ve got.

As a matter of fact, I like it so much I am offering a “Less Means More Special”. Come see me and mention this blog. If you measure 5” or less I will offer you extra time with me at no extra charge.

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