Path Perfect

I was raised by my grandparents in a small town in Honduras. I was a tiny girl and the kids at school would pick on me because of it. One day when a kid hit me in the head with a rock, I came home crying. Instead of feeling sorry for me, my grandma told me I better start fighting back if I wanted to make it in this world. And I did. With a vengeance. I became a spitfire at school, breaking records there for discipline issues. The silver lining for that was everyone stopped picking on me and my teachers from that time remember me well to this day. It was also the beginning of forming my passionate nature. I learned that more is better when it comes to expressing myself. I was free to be as much as I wanted to be and that realization has been a force driving me forward into my very exciting life.

When I was a teenager, I was discovered by a photographer who fell in love with my face. I was a little wary when he approached me about taking my pictures but he set me at ease and put me on a path as a model. As a teenager, I was a model for Coca Cola, Marlboro Red, & Bacardi. I was always a natural in front of the camera. No photographer ever had to choreograph me. They just let me move and did their best to keep up.

I went to Qutonoma University in Santa Barbara but only briefly. At that time there were many women getting kidnapped from the Universities and getting killed. My mother, who was living in the U.S. begged me to leave there and come live with her. So, when I was in my 20’s I moved to the United States.

It was very important to me to learn English because that was the language in this country. I moved to Oregon and ended up becoming a dishwasher in a Chinese Restaurant. You might think that was a step down but it gave me the opportunity to learn conversational English. The Chinese who ran the restaurant spoke perfect English and they are the ones who taught me. It was a very good experience. My accent will be forever but I am so happy to speak two languages. When you learn another language it’s like growing another soul. My ability to participate in this big, beautiful world has been expanded.

I started making my first adult videos when I was in my 30’s. To date I have made over 10 films ranging from playing an “almost virgin” to multi-girl scenes to kinkier bondage films. I learned from my modeling days that the human body is an amazing work of art and I have always enjoyed sharing my vision and style in provocative ways.

One irony about my path leading to sex work is that I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 25. Now I am eager to make up for lost time and try everything. I love making films and I love being a courtesan. I have always been driven to express my style and personality and to share my passion and this vocation is a perfect road to let me do just that.

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