Naked and Real

I’m a people person. I always have been. I love getting to know every individual who crosses my path. I mostly do that by letting you reveal yourself to me with your stories and jokes. For me, listening to you is like enjoying a strip-tease of the soul – where you show me a little, and then a little more, and another tantalizing glimpse into you – until I see you naked and real before me. It’s very intimate and arousingly sexy. That’s one of the reasons I decided the parlor/bar culture here would be chill, and friendly, and relaxed. Time spent in a brothel is not just about time spent behind closed doors. It’s about intimacy, companionship, and good times with kindred spirits. “Mingle” time is a delightful form of foreplay and adds so much depth to the private encounters that follow it. And I really like having that in my life.

I’m not just about verbal intercourse, though. I am very much on the menu and my sexual appetite craves a variety of options. One on one with me is addictive. We are called lovers because what we do generates love. I am not one of those people who think there is a limit to how much or who a person can love. My affection is real. Every time 2 or more people meet and interact, relationships are formed. I consider us in a “relationship” once we get to know one another. I know you have a separate life where you likely have other loves and I even love that. I want your happiness and that is one reason I am always happy to be a part of creating that with you.

And, speaking of “relationships”, I enjoy carnal activity with just about anyone and in any combination. I enjoy couples but I am also very comfortable with a simple girl on girl. I enjoy group action as much as one on one. I love showcasing (or learning about) your fetish(es). Sex is so wonderfully weird that I know I will never run out of adventures to spark my spirit. I don’t know if I’ve pinned down the “Meaning of Life” yet but I do know that none of us has anything to lose by thoroughly enjoying it until further enlightenment is achieved.

Because I have enjoyed many different lifestyles from polyamory to swinging to nudism to fetishes, I will be able to talk with you about your lifestyle on the same level. If you are curious, I will educate you. If you want to experiment, I know the way. If you want to role play, I know the role. I am there for you to make virtually every fantasy you may have cum true. Once you have revealed yourself to me, I will return the favor. Get naked with me and find out.

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