I've got a mission!

I’ve been around. You might think that might make me more sophisticated, polished, and urbane but that’s not the case. I am the me I’ve always been; a bit awkward, socially clumsy, flawed. That hasn’t kept me from trying new things and venturing into new territories. I am still living the biggest, baddest, best life I can live. I never stride upon the stage with perfect grace and impeccable charm but I get my butt up there and I claim my role even if I have to roll up the stairs to get there.

I am well-versed in the swinging lifestyle. I enjoyed the party circuit in California and made many human connections through that culture. I also explored the BDSM community and I’m an active member on Fetlife. I’m a grown woman so you’d think other people’s judgements wouldn’t affect me but they do. I wither under the laser of judging glares.

The “brothel thing” was just an experiment; something new to try out. I honestly wasn’t that excited about it at first. I am so glad for the pleasant surprise. My very first client was a virgin. I told him, “I’m a virgin, too! I’ve never done this before!” Shortly after, with another client, I told him “I’m so sorry. I’m awkward as fuck.” His face lit up and he started laughing. “Me. Too!” I am finding one kindred after another. I’m finding my people here and it’s an amazing judgement free experience. I am delighted to commune with others who are doing exactly what I’m doing; stumbling full forward into the fullest life they can live regardless of any imperfections. This feels right and good.

I don’t fly in from distant parts of the country like some of the ladies. I actually live here and this is my community. As with most people who move to a new area, the first thing you do is try to find the same kinds of connections you enjoyed before the move. That’s when I found out…THERE’S NOTHING HERE! No swinger’s clubs, no fetish munches, and single women are really hard to find. I wasn’t used to this. I’m no fool, so I know these people exist here because they exist everywhere. They are just under the radar. So how do we find each other?

And then it dawned on me. The Dovetail is unusually open to innovation and most of the other ladies are from the same sexual backgrounds as I am. Why not make THIS the center of connection for all people here who have no other outlet? There are so many things we can do here. WE can host Swinger take-over parties. WE can provide a great environment for munches. WE can offer nude hot tub & sun bathing events. And now I have a mission. I can start small with individuals seeking to share a fetish or individual couples looking for safe, drama-free sex…and then we can start networking, getting the word out. And we can make it fun to get here. Heck, we can fly them in if necessary! We will grow our own merry band of pervs and we will be their home away from home. And I will be here welcoming all those fantasies that come knocking on the door ready to be made real.

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