I Hope You Leave Something Behind…

I’ll be honest…I’m never very comfortable in the line up. Not that I’m not interested, because I certainly am, but when it comes to my sensuality I enjoy feeling connected to my lovers. I like to exist on a few special people that I can see as repeat clients. I like to feel like we share an intimate bond, and I’ve come up with a very tangible way to establish just that. Ever heard of that old trick of leaving something behind at a girl’s house so you have a great excuse to see her again? I’m hoping that’s exactly what you will do…

It started one night when I was sitting at the bar chatting with a client, feeling cold because I was scantily dressed. He was wearing a button down dress shirt over his undershirt, and he took it off and draped it around my shoulders. I immediately felt the comfort of his body heat, still evident on the fabric. In addition, the collar carried his lingering scent, as if he had his arms around me and I could smell his skin. I was hooked. We went to my room for some intimacy, and afterwards I asked him if he would leave his shirt behind so I could sleep in it. Long after we parted ways, the comfort of his shirt made me feel like he was still there holding me. The next time he came to see me at the ranch, I greeted him at the door wearing his shirt…and nothing else.

I quickly found out that I wasn’t the only one with a fetish for this particular article of clothing. He loved the fact that I would send him pictures of me wearing his shirt in between his visits to the ranch. We continued to bond long distance between his visits, and every time that I saw him the intensity between us grew greater. I would even wear it around my own house, whenever I wasn’t at work. I had something to remind me of him while I waited for his return…His look, his scent, and his feel. That shirt symbolized the connection between us, and it made me feel sexy and confident every time I wore it. It gave me a feeling that he would be back again soon, and it inspired me to think of things I wanted to do with him when he returned. It might sound funny in this business, but I always like to feel a trust with my few special clients, because it allows me to really open up sexually and give them an experience that they wouldn’t otherwise get with me in a more casual scenario.

Now here’s where you come in…I want you to be one of those few people I count among my special connections here at The Dovetail.

If you’re willing to give me the shirt off of your back, I’m happy to include some extra time into our party. I’ll even give you a Dovetail t-shirt in exchange, in case you don’t have a change of clothes with you. If you do, however, then you really would have no excuse to stay the night with me, now would you?

Contact me now and let’s make an appointment for our time together. Then take a look in your closet, and decide which shirt you can stand to leave draped on my pillow.

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