Categorize Me!

I often find myself categorized, “BBW”. Does this bother me? Not really. I’m not someone who will dismiss an encounter because of a fetish that my prospective partner may have… even if it’s about my size. I know that can be a big trigger for a lot of women but not for me. I have a background in sexual cultures and fetishes and I simply don’t have that same knee-jerk disgust around fetishism that many main-streamers do. I’ve both dated and had sex with men who have fetishes for plus-sized women, and it’s always been authentically delightful to me.

I’m a woman who enjoys sex… a lot! Fat fetishism is much easier for me to appreciate sexually because it’s so physical and carnate. In honesty, the men who have a focused desire for my voluptuousness, offer a level of comfort that is unmatchable. Societally attractive people may not realize this, but for a large person, it’s rare to have someone say, ‘I love every part of your body. I love how soft your arms are. I love your all that extra “back”. I love all of these things about you.’ It’s sweet and true and honest in a way that is rare. So, the fetishization intrigues and delights me.

It’s extremely common for BBW’s to constantly have their bodies be the focus of any conversation for a lot of reasons. It could be that someone finds goddess-sized women sexy. A lot of the time, I’m on a person’s “try-out” list; their first-time Goddess experience. They yearn for a Goddess, but they don’t want to admit it to others. I didn’t always understand this. When I was younger, having a generous body also made me want to be the smartest person, because I had to make all these compensations and grow these personality traits. I had to be smart. I had to be sensitive. I had to be easy to talk to. I had to be funny. Because of my body, these other parts of my personality had to be extra. And that was hard…then. Now I reap the benefits of that growth because I really am…extra.

But while we’re on the subject of “being categorized” I am so much more than my body. I am a pansexual Dominatrix leaning switch that loves to play. Oh yeah… more categories to play in. I love Femdom in all its aspects…domination, humiliation, degradation, or impact play. I am always on the prowl for willing and eager subs and slaves who want to prove they are worthy of my attention. This applies to men, women…well everyone. Categorize me kinky if you must.

In spite of all these niches I fit into, I think the thing you will ultimately find most interesting about me is my passion. I have a bottomless appetite for connection and I need to give and receive pleasure and attention. Do you want to be one of my lucky submissives? Or do you want to be my boyfriend for the night (or longer)? I can be tamed under the right conditions. Are you just looking for the embrace of a kindred spirit? Do you have insecurities about your own body? I will put those to rest. Am I not your type? I will still talk your pants right off of you. I will be your surprise, your comfort, your mind-blowing experience. Wine and dine me into your arms. The thing about my appetites is that I savor every flavor that offers itself to my palette. Like me – you don’t have to choose just one category.

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