Bunny Hopping the World

Updated: Jun 13

It’s no secret that I love travel. I started as a flight attendant for American Airlines and traveled to 35 countries and then I just never stopped. My dream would be to live right on the beach in Hawaii or California or even Mexico. I speak a smattering of German, French, and Spanish. I was published in Playboy twice and was able to rub elbows with the rich and famous at the Mansion when Hef threw his parties. I have carried some penchants from that era of my life. One is that I have become a collector of Louis Vuitton's. Needless to say, I am quite at home in lavish settings and I thoroughly enjoy everything shiny. I love being treated like a lady with respect and in turn my gentleman will get the same. That doesn’t mean I limit myself to being arm candy, though.

I like to DO things. I love boating. I have jet skis and I love to go to the lake. I love deep-sea fishing so much that I go every year to Cabo for the big fishing tournament called “The Bisbee”. I am a Texas girl so I like to get it dirty when I go four-wheeling and ride horses. And, more than “things” I tend to collect animals. I only have two “kids”, a boxer and a Chihuahua, and they are the boss of me. I rescue all my dogs and they're my family. I have a lot more respect for people who to the same than those who pay thousands of dollars for dogs when there's so many dogs that need homes.

I'm also a gourmet cook. I took classes at Cordon Bleu and I learned there that I have a talent and passion for creating scrumptious dishes. I am a total foodie but not in a snobby way. One of my goals in life is to start a food truck called “Ho Nuts”! The food will be great and it will also be fun. Book a date with me where I can cook for you and I will blow your mind (among other things).

I don't have too many dislikes except for possibly technology. Yes, I am a luddite. I live in real time with real people and I don’t find much value in virtual experience. I want to live in the moment. I feel like real communication has been diminished by tech. Everyone is on their phone all the time and that drives me nuts. Life is too short to waste staring at a phone. I was a cheerleader for the Tennessee Titans so instead of sitting in front of a computer screen, I occasionally coach young girls in middle school in Vegas. I'm just excited to meet new people in the flesh and form great relationships. I love intimacy in every form - physical and mental and even spiritual if that interests you. The easiest way to get to me – is to get yourself to me & personally check out my personality. I'm a big ball of laughs.

Oh, by the way, I'm a June baby (Gemini) and my birthday is coming up wink wink.

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