Added Pleasure

I am shy like a child. I might be on the quiet side before I get to know you but once I do, I am all in. It takes me awhile to ease into a comfort zone but once I do, you’ll find you have a tiger by the tail. My lust builds on itself and can swell into something bigger than the two of us. And that leads to a crazy conclusion… more is almost always better for me. Do I want to drag you kicking and screaming into a good time… or maybe give you a good time till you’re kicking and screaming? Yes! But I’d also love to welcome your wife, girlfriend, pal, or close circle of friends to our party. Once I get going, I am going all the way with everyone within reach.

I don’t lack moral restraint. I’m actually very moral and I’m always considering other people’s feelings and experiences. But the “restraint” part. I lack that. It’s nothing for me to totally immerse you in my sea of sensuality but why swim alone? There’s something uplifting in waking the sensibilities of others. And there is something inspiring about witnessing another human getting unlocked by pleasure. I want to be your lover but I would also enjoy being your partner in seducing other lovers. I want to watch. I want to be watched. I want to be a part of something new and rich and shocking. And then afterwards, we can enjoy pillow-talk and afterglow as we sort out all the lusciousness, we just created with each other.

There are just so many more possibilities when there are more people participating. Whether your turn-on is to be a voyeur or an exhibitionist – I’m excited. Perhaps we can include some role-play? Simple or extravagant in its details, I’m in! Maybe you just want sensory overload and want that wonderful experience shared with someone you care about. That tugs at my heart. Even if you don’t have an extra partner you can bring with you to realize your fantasy, I have a selection of sisters here at Dovetail you can add into our mix. Just share your preferences and fantasies with me and we can put together the perfect party mix. There are so many ways to pull off group play that it can muddle the senses; Tag-team action, blow-job competitions, daisy-chains, free-for-alls, and the list goes on. However you decide to indulge this fantasy, I promise to be there holding you when you’re aching with anticipation, pushing you until you are shuddering, surging, trembling, and thrusting you into that quickening that sparks your shock of pleasure.

Then after we are all sexually spent? How about a hot tub party to commemorate our carnal copulations? I’ve always thought the best way to celebrate a new experience is with another new experience. I promise to be great company. After all we’ve shared with each other, I won’t be able to be shy anymore.

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