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Mia is the total package for what I look for in a companion. Start with the obvious, She is Beautiful with a tight sexy body, perfect natural breasts & pert perfect peach. These are what you first notice about the incredible Mia. The real attraction comes from her fantastic personality. Sweet, kind, compassionate, caring are just a few of the adjectives I’d use to describe her, the list is endless. As for intimate time she is a Great Lover full of passion & intimacy. She enjoys her profession & it shows thru with her parties. I’ve seen Mia 3 times so far & have future plans with her already in place. She became a favorite after our first encounter as we clicked immediately with no awkwardness that often accompanies first parties. It was as if we’d been intimate many times before & could just relax & let the party take us where it chose & it chose just what we both wanted & I believe she enjoyed our time together as well. Thank you Lovely Mia for not only the time we have spent together so far but for the time we will in the future!




I had the pleasure of meeting Cee Mia, during my trip and I can't thank her enough for being herself. Mia is an amazing woman and shares her passion with you. Now that passion is the Nuru. I wasn't interested in a Nuru because if had one before and I didn't enjoy it..... Well this time around, I DID :) she had warned me that she was a sensual woman, not that I didn't believe her but just didn't know how sensual she would be. Not only is she naturally sensual woman the experience was mind blowing. She didn't tell me that.... I highly recommend Mia and I will be reaching out to her on my next trip. review by Yen on 2/17/2020 10:52:54 AM

Yen gave this experience a 5.0 stars.


a beautiful woman everybody should love her review by @ahmet87836885 on 1/28/2020 10:35:56 AM @ahmet87836885 gave this experience a 5.0 stars.


It was my first visit for an appointment with Cee Mia. Meeting Cee Mia....5.0 rating… not high enough…….10.0 is a REAL RATING! Arriving early, walking through the doors, I saw Mia out of the corner of my eye. WOW! That picture was not in her profile. After check in I thought it would be rude of me if I didn’t introduce myself. After that I met a Grrrrrreat friend! My scheduling and appointments changed! Mia is friendly; fun; fun-loving; funny; generous; gentle; genuine; giddy; gifted; giggly; girly; giving; glamorous, etc …………. Words to describe Mia are unlimited. Like getting your first Ford Mustang! A real lady! I met some outstanding people … Entire staff was so great, nice and helpful. I will be back! review by Theo on 1/25/2020 5:58:59 PM Theo gave this experience a 5.0 stars.


Let me start off by saying that Mia is stunning. Her pictures don't do her any justice. She is beautiful. She is the real deal and even better at that. I came in wanting too give nuru another try after being with another lady..... Mia should've been my first choice but then yet when I was there she was unavailable. Glad that I was patient because I would've missed out. Mia's Nuru is out of this world. She is very sensual and a total natural. Mia, not only makes you feel at ease with her beauty and personality she is just one of a kind. I highly recommend Mia for a Nuru. Can't wait to see her again. review by Captain on 1/19/2020 6:26:29 PM Captain gave this experience a 5.0 stars.


Mia is so kind and sexy! That is super rare... I went away not only feeling like I had the most amazing sex but also that I made a friend. If your not looking for a friend and you just want a hot sexy body she has it!! But if your looking for some one that is real and will look at you as person not just an atm then she is the real thing. I will definitely be back to see you Mia! We still need to do a photo shoot in your new camera room. I'll bring my wife next time she would have fun with you :)

review by CountryCowboy on 1/17/2020 10:45:07 AM CountryCowboy gave this experience a 5.0 stars.


Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of partying with Mia. It truly was a life altering experience for me (no exaggeration). Grieving the loss of a loved one, the kindness and sensuality Mia showed me literally set me on the road to heal. She is truly a wonderful, sensual and kind soul. Thank you Mia! I will always be grateful for our time together. review by Kevin S on 11/10/2019 1:22:44 AM Kevin S gave this experience a 5.0 stars.


Holy fuck I can't stop thinking about Mia. I had walked up to her and asked her if she worked here. Her response was "occasionally" lol I at that moment knew she had a sense of humor. Not only is she a beautiful woman she is down to earth. We had a great time while at the bar, shooting pool, storytelling and more. She watched me dance which I normally don't but she made me feel really comfortable. I couldn't stop having a good fun time with her. We carried on and when we were in the bedroom, WOW. A total woman and very sensual. I wasn't prepared for this moment. After our interaction in the bedroom we carried on with storytelling and still made me feel like a man and gave me her undecided attention which drove me wild. Cee Mia I will be thinking of you and I know you'll be thinking of me lol until next time babydoll review by Heart Tech on 10/19/2019 11:43:54 AM Heart Tech gave this experience a 5.0 stars.


I came into the brothel and noticed Mia at the bar. I noticed her laugh which drew me in. I had originally came in to see someone else which didn't happen. I kept looking at the monitor to find her picture. Her pictures don't do her any justice. Her pictures are amazing but in person she is a total beauty. The more I got too talk with her the more I was intrigued. We went to her room and decided on a half and half. Once the session started the more I noticed and realized that she is a very sensual woman. I've never met a woman that had the ability to make me feel extremely loved. The things she did to me WOW. I'm still speechless. No one has made me go the way she did on me. I was not only speechless I was surprised myself. I definetly recommend Cee Mia she is fun, smart and a total lover. Let her take you on a journey. review by Tech Guy on 9/23/2019 3:49:19 PM Tech Guy gave this experience a 5.0 stars.


Cee Mia is an exceptional treasure. Her Nuru massage was the best starter. From unzipping her dress to the sensual shower after I was under her spell. Combined with the half and half she melted my heart and rocked my body. Cee Mia made me feel like she was made for me and her only desire was to please me. I can't wait to see her again! review by Jim S. on 9/20/2019 4:41:48 AM Jim S. gave this experience a 5.0 stars.


I have seen Mia on more than one occasion and it just keeps getting better and better! ASK FOR HER FIRE AND ICE SPECIAL, YOU WILL KEEP COMING BACK FOR MORE! She takes her time, is very friendly and flirty...super sensual and very vocal. She has so much sexual energy, I am just in awe of how much she enjoys our sessions. She is couple friendly, as my wife and I have played with her and I know this is where she shines. She is very attentive and genuinely loves playing with ladies... Try her nuru massage, as she has some strong/soft hands to relax you... If you are looking for a sensual, sexy time... look for Mia! I cant wait to see her again! review by Super Tall on 9/15/2019 11:38:15 PM Super Tall gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

Getting home and I'm still lost for words. I can't believe how incredible Cee Mia is. I came into the brothel not knowing what too expect. I spoke with and met several beautiful ladies. Then Cee Mia came along. What caught my attention besides her beauty was her giggle. The more I spoke with her and got to know more of her the more intrigued I was. I was happy to cross paths with her. Her giggle is to die for and she is just a genuine woman. She is down to earth and very friendly. I've never come across a woman as such. You can tell when someone is forcing a laugh, but not her. She enjoys to laugh and is a very strong, positive woman. I will cherish our moment together forever and will hold a special place in my heart. review by Lover on 8/23/2019 7:07:31 PM Lover gave this experience a 5.0 stars.


Wow, I'm still speechless. I came into the brothel without an appt and I'm glad I did. I found Mia (Cee Mia) and after chatting with her I couldn't resist and I had to carry on. I wanted to explore and know more about her. Upon doing the tour we entered the nuru room. I told her that I've had nuru's before but was never truly fully satisfied so I wasn't too interested in that particular room. We ended up in her room and we continued to discuss. I finally gave in and actually decided to give the nuru another try. Let me tell you, I'm glad I did. Mia knows what she is doing and loves doing it. Mia's Nurus are out of this world. Thanks too her, I know what a real nuru should feel like. Thank you so much and I can't wait for another encounter with Miss Cee Mia. review by New York on 8/19/2019 9:18:46 PM New York gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

Mia is unbelievable. She is the nicest most down-to-earth person you'll meet and gives amazing sex. Phenomenal body, phenomenal personality. I walked into the brothel and she was the first girl to catch my eye at the bar and I asked her to give me a tour. She has a pierced clitoris and I didn't realize this until we were part way into sex, and it drove me insane. Review by Brad on 7/15/2019 10:30:29 PM Brad gave this experience a 5.0 stars.


Had an amazing party with Cee and my husband. She really knows how to cater to couples. It was our first time and she really made me feel at ease. Before meeting we went back and forth through emails. She answered every question I had and was quick to respond. We had chemistry right away and didn't take us too long to start the party. She was incredibly attentive and sweet. I hope we can make it back out to party with her again. The brothel is really nice and you truly get what you pay for. Excellent customer service from the time we arrived, until we left. Ladies, you don't know what you're missing until you meet Cee. review by Niteangel on 7/14/2019 11:36:14 PM Niteangel gave this experience a 5.0 stars.


First of all, I am already looking forward to seeing Mia again. She can make your day with her beautiful smile and warm friendly personality. She is authentic in wanting you to share a sensual and memorable experience with her. She likes doing the Nuru message. That was a dream come true for me. She has great body . And to feel her all over me is something I will be replaying in my mind for a long time. I felt comfortable with Mia from the first moment. A very compelling invitation to pleasure from her presence. The closer she was , the more attractive I found her. She will be with me until next time. Thank you Mia. review by Peter on 6/10/2019 12:12:30 AM Peter gave this experience a 5.0 stars.


I remember when I first met Mia on her first trip . I first emailed her and she responded. She responded and sounded very genuine and not robotic as other responses I would get. I try my best too see Mia on every trip that she has plus I come to Vegas often so it's a win win situation. Not only can I be myself with her she is an amazing woman. As I think about our recent encounter and typing this review while getting a ride back, oh my let me tell you. Each time gets better and better, maybe because we have come closer and closer. Mia I've never played with ice and wow I'm speechless and just can't stop thinking about our night tonight. Now I normally let you know when I'm coming over and this night I didn't and you were still ready for me and ready to go. I love your company and you are truly a genuine woman and overall sexy, confident and down to earth woman. I will see you again and I can't wait for our next party. review by Number 1 Fan on 6/5/2019 1:25:53 AM Number 1 Fan gave this experience a 5.0 stars.


My first experience and I was very pleased with her kindness and patience. She's a very down to earth young lady. She could tell I was nervous, but she quickly put me at ease. review by Jim on 4/10/2019 8:50:50 PM Jim gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

The only problem with Mia is that you can’t stop thinking about her after the date. Not sure what Latina spell she put on me but I’m totally distracted now two days later by the thought of her. Not just her physical beauty (and I totally agree that she is even more stunning in person than her photos) but her soul. Don’t make fun of me. I know this is a brother of well trained women but damn I know we made a connection. Mia totally reveals her self. It’s real. She’s real. So if you are someone like me who enjoys the courtship. Who wants to get to know the girl and appreciate her as an individual, then Mia will give you that opportunity. And there’s so much about this amazing woman to know. Strong, confident, yet somehow vulnerable, a survivor, professional, smart, sweet, caring and passionate. Crazy passionate. You would not know from a casual conversation with Mia that there’s a tiger in that body. Wow. I’ve been around the block but our girl Mia is really into having intimate sex. She brought me to a place that I may have never reached prior. Almost want to delete this review as I want her all to myself. Like bring her home with me “to my self”. I may be a sucker but if all of that was an act, then I have even more respect for her. I guess I would summarize my amazing experience with Mia is that I actually miss her. Again, not my first rodeo by any stretch. But no doubt my first time feeling so connected to someone I had only spent a few hours with. Enough said. Thank you to the beautiful Mia. I am so appreciative to have shared this time with you. Thank you for making it so much more than physical contact. I hope you enjoyed our tine as much as I. FYI- Trying to find a way to come see you again prior to my trip back east on Tuesday. review by Joe on 4/7/2019 3:39:50 AM Joe gave this experience a 5.0 stars.


When I met with Mia it was late, I was shy and it was my first time doing something like this. She was super cool and so beautiful. Her picture didn’t do her any justice, she looks much better in person. We negotiated a price and she gave me a wonderful time. She was very passionate, and amazing during our time together. I honestly have to say she blew my mind. I will be back soon review by Tim on 4/2/2019 8:05:44 AM Tim gave this experience a 5.0 stars.


So first off, if you happen to think "Mia" is stunning...wait until you meet her in person! I'm pretty certain I could write an entire book about how amazing this woman is, but I will try and keep it brief....maybe! From the very first moment you meet her and look into those seductive eyes, she will immediately entrance you and put you at ease. While Mia is breathtaking, do not and I repeat do not make the mistake of assuming that she is unapproachable or "out of your budget"....she is in this industry because she truly loves what she does! Now...down to the naughty side of Mia! She is an absolute tease, but in a way that will drive you absolutely mad with desire and lust. She somehow knows exactly how to give you this seductive, what I like to refer to as "I want to fuck the shit out of you" look. And when the time comes to take the party back to closed quarters the inner freak in her jumps out! She is the pure definition of "Lady in the streets and freak between the sheets!" I personally have never been able to climax from receiving a blowjob and yet within 5 mins of playing with this naughty minx, I had to literally stop her so the party wouldn't end right off the bat. Later she informed me that I will not be allowed to stop her ever again because now she views that as a personal challenge! Trust me when I say that if you happen to meet and choose this amazingly sexy Latina you will absolutely not leave that place without the biggest smile you have ever had and will be dying to go back and see her again! Mia, thank you for the best night of my life! I can't wait to see you again! review by Michael on 2/9/2019 11:10:15 AM Michael gave this experience a 5.0 stars.