Hi, I'm  Mia and welcome to my page.


Okay, boilerplate description of me would be "Hot Latina, pert nipples, firm body, with long legs that lead to heaven." What you might not guess is that I'm surprisingly new to courtesan culture. However, I am no stranger to non-mainstream sexual lifestyles. I have enjoyed swinging, experimented with polyamory, and participated in the fetish community. I love them all but brothel life just clicked for me. I am most at home in a houseful of kindred sisters that is a second home to the men who want to play with us. That doesn't mean I want to leave any of my other adventurous pleasures behind. I plan to bring them along with me and adapt the possibilities they represent to the Dovetail. And speaking of not giving up any carnal pursuits...even though I will be the Madam here, I am still very much on the menu. Expect me to be very chill in the parlor as you light that delicious smelling cigar and casually reveal your world to me. I love the idea of learning about each other at our own pace. Expect a much hotter version of me once I get you behind closed doors, though. You might want to refer to boilerplate Mia to get an idea of what that will be like.