Hi, I'm  Lia Sophia and welcome to my page.


I am a universe of passion crammed inside a human body and I can't help but erupt on a regular basis. If I were to describe myself with one word, I'd say I was "Emotional".  I feel with intensity.  I use my happiness and joy to light up rooms and illuminate the people who are with me. I cry easily because I'm sentimental and I also experience what my lovers experience.  If you're sad, I'll be sad with you, and we can be each other's support.  If you're celebrating something amazing - I will shed tears of joy as we celebrate together. If you are feeling wild I will become feral. If you give me pleasure I will not be able to contain myself.  Show me your pleasure and I will be over the moon.  I am fluid, flowing, sensual, erotic, and responsive.


I am also a natural nurturer. I find a lot of gratification when I cater to your needs and desires. I find it even more gratifying when I can gratify needs and desires you hadn't even imagined. I can be the fragrant breeze that washes over you in a fleeting encounter - a brief pleasure that you will never forget.  I prefer longer and more thorough experiences, though.  I want us to shoot for the stars and take things ever higher.  I want to provide you a whole experience.  That may be a real date where we share an adventure outside the brothel, perhaps dinner, drinks, dancing, gambling, or any number of other fun activities available to us.  Or, we could stay in and I would wear you out behind closed doors, massage you till you are putty in my hands, then feed you a home-cooked dinner. There are so many variations and your fantasies will play a leading role in how we enjoy each other.


I am a crazy fun Latina, bilingual, with a very Spanish accent.  I don't just speak with words, though.  I am most fluent in body language and the language of love.  Even if you can't pick out the words from the music of my voice, I promise I will get my message through to you with complete clarity. There will never be any reason to doubt my intentions.  And my intentions?  I am going to enchant you.  Once you've tasted my fruit, you will be addicted to me...and you will love it.