Hi, I'm  Jillian and welcome to my page.


It’s hard to describe myself to give you a true picture.  I’m not typical.  I’m a gymnast and dancer (both stage & pole) and I have a hard time being still.  To say I’m “flexible” would be an understatement.  The pretzel position is meditative for me.  I’m fun-sized, legally a midget, a certified spinner, and a squirter.  I’m a “creative”.  I am a make-up artist, a model, a photographer, a graphic artist, a muse, and most fun of all is when I get to enjoy being a courtesan. I am at my best when I’m having in-the-flesh encounters because I truly enjoy getting to know people and letting them into my world.  In fact, that is when you will get a load of my enthusiastic nature.  Yeah, I get excited about things.  I believe the human body is a living work of art and I enjoy nakedness in every variation. And just thinking about it is getting me excited about getting naked with you.