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Renaissance Sex

If you understand that I am an artist, my life and interests will make more sense to you.  My degree is in music and I can play some mean drums.  Careful, you might get a percussion with the rhythms I play.   But drum riffs aren’t the only way I make an impact.   I am also a stone sculptor.   Michelangelo said, "I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” And that is a perfect description of what I do.  If I can bring stone to life, imagine what I can do with you. 


By now you are likely imagining I’m one of those artsy-fartsy creative types.  And I am… ish.  It’s just the mediums I choose to work with are unconventional.  For example, I am a firearms enthusiast.  I built my rifle and I repair handguns.  So, if you want to know about shooting, I am imminently qualified to be your gun master.  If you love your weapon as much as I do, we can have an in-depth conversation after you run out of ammo in the bedroom.  Guns aren’t the only kind of equipment I am drawn to, though.  I am also a photographer.   I would love to share the intimacy of showing you the world as I see it.  Perhaps I can expose you with a peek into my aperture and a display of my burst rate.  I know what my dynamic range is and I am confidant that I can help you discover yours.  

And here is where you would get confused by me if you didn’t understand that, as an artist, everything I do and every way I think is focused on making the mundane into something provocative and uplifting.  Sex work might seem like a no-brainer to some but for me it’s fascinating. The interaction effect between sex and intelligence makes a positive association with an increased number of partners among women.  It’s no wonder my libido is off the charts!  There is also a correlation between levels of education and willingness to challenge social norms. Knowing that will make my passion for BDSM make sense because people who openly practice BDSM tend to be, you guessed it, more educated and more likely to challenge social norms. It’s not a big leap to imagine those of us in the BDSM scene might have better education than is typical.  There have also been many studies that have shown BDSM correlates with happiness and psychological health.  So, of course, I got myself trained in safe practice BDSM.  But, I didn’t stop there.  I embrace fetishes of all kinds.  Fetishes are nothing more than a natural consequence of highly abstract behavior, adaptability, and individual variability. The same things that gave us humans language, tools, and complex societies also give us complex sexual behaviors.  They are perfect points of light for my artistic visions.

So, yeah, I can be as tough and as strange as you want me to be.  That still doesn’t define me. I’m also a nurturer.  It’s true that I will have no hesitation draining the life right out of you but afterwards, I’m capable of reanimating your dead body.  I am as dangerous in the kitchen as I am in the bedroom.  But, be warned, once you have had a taste of my amazing secret recipe spaghetti, all others will be ruined for you.  You will be irrevocably addicted to me.  There are worse fates.