Reviews For Jamie!

Jamie had mentioned she loves riding the Amtrak, so I took the train to Elko. She was right - I saw parts of the country I've never seen from a road or trail.  The train arrives late at night so I had time to catch a nap before we moved to sweet foreplay.  It was enough to give me the strength for what was in my future.  As soon as I got my rental car, Jamie texted me a code to the interactive toy that she wears inside her. I started sending her little buzzes on my way to the Dovetail.


By the time I got there, she had the hot spring tub filled and almost ready to get into. We were both more concerned with the hot, wet situation in her panties. We negotiated a 2-hour session, which started off with the most sensual and sweet touch I've received in years. The sex was mind blowing. I've never cum that hard or that many times in a session before. This was a record for me. We washed each other with washcloths, then went out to soak in the spring. Jamie is mesmerizing in her little bikini, her soft skin and luscious little body sitting in my lap. She suggested mutual foot-rubs. She's got great hands. I had no idea how tense and sore I was, until her strong little hands worked it out of me. Back to her bedroom. Naked, hot, exploring each other again and again. We couldn't get enough. At the end, she gave me water and a snack. She tied my boots for me and then kissed me one last time. I am dreaming about this woman every night. I can't wait to come back.




Very satisfied at a very wonderful time with Jamie and you are a wonderful woman definitely will come back to see Jamie





Soo sweet , so wonderful, beautiful and enjoyable




I can’t get over the social skills of this model. She knows how to make any PERSON feel comfortable and invited to this establishment. I recommend giving her a PARTY or at least giving Jamie a chat, she was great!