Reviews For Violet!

When I finally got to Dovetail it was late.  I planned to just drop by check out the ladies and say hi, and have a drink or two before heading off to my hotel room.  The ladies were friendly and beautiful as expected.  I ended up in a lively conversation with Violet.  After a while, she offered me a tour.  I’d already indicated I wasn’t planning on partying but she was anxious to show me the spa they had just put together and I couldn’t say no.  She indicated that she would be happy to simply do a limited massage party since I was in no shape for the full deal.  She offered a reasonable price.  So, even though she is not typically the same type of lady I usually choose, even though I was exhausted, and even though I am not a young man; I agreed.


This was what I consider a budget party since I didn’t negotiate sex but Violet didn’t treat it that way.  She prepped the room with dimmed lights, candles, soft music to really set the mood.  I was even surprised that she did a quick outfit change into something very sensual and easy to slip out of. So now it was time for my massage.


Wow. I can’t say enough about the hands on that girl.  It was a true sensual massage.  But it wasn’t just her hands, she also kissed me all over (almost all over – this was just a basic massage). Then, Violet used her whole body as a delightfully soft, oiled missile of erotica. I’ve had those massages in the parlors with tiny (usually) Asian women climbing on me during a massage and I liked it but that is no comparison to what Violet brought to the table. She brought an all-encompassing passion that blew me away.  The phrase “sensory overload” comes to mind.  And she took her time.  So much time that my traitor dick wouldn’t go down.  The bastard was aching for release even though she hadn’t even touched it.  I’m not a rookie – but just booking a “massage only” party was a rookie mistake.  I was happy to re-book an upgrade to continue to my happy ending.  And what a happy ending it was. So far, the entire massage was on my stomach but now it was time to roll over. And still, she was not so goal oriented that she rushed things.  She managed to keep my dick hard while she massaged my legs and feet...and those body kisses!  I had to tell her to finish me off and she did with a flair.  The girl knows how to work a condom so that it doesn’t distract and before I knew it her mouth made me lose all control. 


Needless to say, I slept like a baby and was completely recharged for my return visit the next day.  But that is a different story.  As for Violet.  She absolutely proved herself on many levels.  Do not underestimate her, she isn’t just an intelligent, funny, interesting girl.  She isn’t just her looks or her style. This girl brings some serious skills and heat to everything she does.


Tom Cat


I go to The Dovetail fairly frequently because I love the relaxed bar.  I feel like we are all friends there. The other day I spent a lot of time talking to Violet.  She asked if I would like to go to her room to talk.  I had taken up a chunk of her time with my yammering so of course I went with her. She was very interested in finding out what I wanted and liked.  I had to be honest.  I knew how much money I had so I didn’t want to insult her with crazy porn fantasies. She’s the one who came up with a party idea for us that would please us both on my budget. She took me back to the bar to finish my drink and she set up for our date, “Netflix & Chill”.  She even popped popcorn which we ate in bed while we watched a movie.  I’m not completely sure about everything that happened in the movie because I was a little distracted by Violets outfit that didn’t hide those big beautiful tits.  The cuddling also made me miss a few things.  But all in all I’d give Violet and that movie 5 stars.


Fast Freddie


When I met Violet she was in a long black dress and she was “educating” everyone in the bar about BDSM.  I admit I was drawn in even though I’m pretty vanilla. I’m not big on role play and I tend to be the dominant person in my own life.  The way she explained power-play, though, intrigued me. As the bar cleared out, I found myself alone with her and we had a very informative conversation about the BDSM culture. I have a favorite type of girl and party that I gravitate to but that doesn’t mean I won’t step out and try new things once in a while. Violet explained that with BDSM you have to have a level of trust that is difficult to obtain from a first time meeting but somehow she managed to reach that level with me.  I let her lead me into her room and she negotiated the scene based on my feedback. I picked a safe word and we talked about my pain threshold. I have to admit, that even though I’m not that into pain, the idea was starting to affect me if you know what I mean. She asked if wanted to see her toys before or be surprised. I was armed with my safe-word so I chose “surprise”.  She also discussed aftercare, did I want to be cuddled, what would I like to drink after etc., which sounded a whole lot like what lovers normally do after the deed.


I’m still 90% vanilla so I won’t go into details about what Violet put me through but I will say that at the end of that tunnel was a blinding orgasm that may have blown bits of my soul into the atmosphere. The aftercare was definitely needed while I recovered and processed this new experience. I can see now why so many people are attracted to this.  I can also see that a party like this can go very wrong if you’re not with someone who really knows what she’s doing.  I can’t imagine at this point ever allowing myself to be that vulnerable with anyone but Violet. She really knows her stuff.


Harley CEO