Reviews For Sonja!

Hello, first time poster here. I felt compelled to post a review of my experience with Sonja. (Please forgive my excluding or glossing over specific facts, I'm shy...outside the bedroom. Oh, and it's probably long...I'm a writer, so...yeah, sorry.)

I was turning 49 and had been thinking a lot about my life. It's statistically 2/3 over given my overweight status and fondness for bacon. Long hours staring at a computer screen has left me with a litany of the lamest work-related maladies known to humankind; eye-strain, leg cramps, carpal tunnel in my fingers and my wrist (the wrist required a cortisone shot and was found to be caused by, get this, whacking my space bar too boisterously *sigh insert joke here, rimshot*). Of all the hopes I had for my life, exploring specific aspects of my sexuality was one of them. So, on one of my frequent visits to Las Vegas I looked up local brothels, not expecting to find anyone who might match up with a kinky writer who enjoys waxing philosophic and spends way too much time in his own head.

And then I found Madam Sonja. Her background is remarkably similar. It was clear, if ever there was a guide I'd want on a sexual journey, Sonja was Captain, Crew, and Cook all in one. I decided to opt for the overnight package, feeling a more immersive experience was what I needed. Better to jump into the deep end I reckoned, since I've spent a lifetime wading in slowly.

I arrived and Sonja greeted me warmly. She led me to her room and we chatted. I was exceedingly nervous, so Sonja suggested a massage. We went to the massage room, undressed and now that I was naked with a beautiful, attentive woman... I got really stressed. Now, why you might ask? Well, being vulnerable in front of people is something I've avoided most of my life. Self-esteem issues and self-doubt are struggles I've faced since I was a kid. And facing those things headlong--diving into the deep end of them--can be overwhelming.

But Sonja was my swim-buddy every step of the way. She was thoughtful and kind and recognized my uncomfortableness. As my fidgeting subsided, she massaged my parts and worked out some of the knots I'd been accumulating. I felt infinitely better afterward.

Sonja is also a Reiki Master. Now, this ancient practice is not generally something people would seek out in this context, but I found it fascinating, so I asked if she could do a session with me. It was an insightful first session. She wound up intuiting several of my 'blocks' and our discussion afterward was calming in its easy discourse.

As we went back to Sonja's room, we decided to play. Though I was still nervous, the massage and Reiki had calmed me significantly. The next few hours were a blur of wonderful experiences and sensations. Sonja knew just what to do, accommodating any adjustments I needed while still staying in the moment. Now, given the length of this post already, you may hazard a guess I like words. Good dirty talk is an artform unto itself and oh my, Sonja knows all the filthiest words and darkest scenarios. No matter what I blurted in the moment, she was able to incorporate it into the tales she spun.

After this interlude, I was feeling a bit hungry, so as I washed up, she made me dinner. It was lovely and we ate together and talked. Afterward, we took a brief walk outside, to soak up the setting sun and beauty of the Nevada desert.

Another interlude followed, more libidinous activity...more glorious opportunities to feel Sonja climax (a hot, sexy, wonderful series of orgasms I won't ever) and for her to indulge my exploration. It was another amazing session. We capped the night with a long bubble bath in the jetted tub, whiling away the time speaking on all manner of topics while languidly caressing each other. Quite heavenly.

Sonja tucked me in and bid her adieu for the evening. The bed was cozy and soft.

The next morning, Sonja slid next to me in bed. In the cold light of day, I must admit to feeling the same wave of self-conscious anxiety park itself on my chest. Again, being so vulnerable in front of anyone, much less someone you've more or less just met is not generally par for the course. However, Sonja once again set me at ease and we talked about my feelings. Now, I know what you may be thinking, 'you were in bed with a beautiful, naked woman happy to pleasure you in all manners of ways and you just talked?!?' Yes. And it was what I needed at the moment. And it was remarkable. She did another Reiki session and then went to prepare me a wonderful breakfast. It was a beautiful morning.

I know sexuality can be connected to all manner of 'real world' blocks, emotional hurdles and monsters in your mental basement. And this is exactly why I chose and needed to 'jump into the deep end,' even if my self-doubt and anxiety occasionally got the best of me. Sonja was fearless in going on this journey with me and for that I will be forever grateful.

I fully recognize my experience is not typical. Hell, I'm not typical. I'm quite a lovely weirdo if we get down to it, but I'm working diligently to be more at peace with that. And with myself. It's a difficult journey at times, but the rewards are spectacular.

And to Sonja, thank you again for your pleasure, your warmth and your guidance. I look very forward to the next time our paths cross.

Charlie Meadows

Sonja gave me one of the best experiences of my life. I cannot speak highly enough of her.

I contacted her about a visit based on a bit of role play. She was completely into it, and asked that I call her by the name of the role from the moment I arrive. She stayed in character the whole time I was there, which was very cool.


Sonja embraced the role I asked her to play, and really put herself into it. The interaction led to romantic touching and fondling in the bedroom during a tour of the house. All of that was normal and well done. Then things kicked up several notches. When we started getting naked and engaging in foreplay, it all felt real. Not like a role play at all anymore, but super real. Sonja WAS the woman I asked her to play, and that woman and I made passionate love with each other. I have spent time with a number of providers over the years. Most were good experiences, some were excellent. But I have NEVER experienced with any other provider the mutual passion in the moment that I felt with Sonja. It was simply incredible. It has been permanently etched in my mind as one of the best sexual experiences of my life.

For those who want to focus on the minute details of Sonja's appearance, she is a stunningly beautiful woman in her 50s. She keeps in great shape. Her hair is very short. Everything about her outward appearance screams sexual energy. You will want to fuck her the moment you meet her, I promise.

I'm sort of speechless regarding how good the sex was. Sonja was so, so into it, and that makes all the difference in the world, more than anything about a woman's appearance. She grunted and screamed and laughed and smiled and threw her head back and fucked me like I was the great love of her life. Again, I have had lots of provider experiences, including some really excellent ones, but I have never had one that was this REAL.

Sonja, thank you for spending time with me. I promise, I am going to do everything I can to get back as soon as possible. I need more days in my life like the day I first met you.



Lingam Massage: I can say without a doubt that Sonja took me to a whole other level of pleasure. It started when she brought me into her room. Soft lighting, a light scent of vanilla in the air, & waves crashing on the beach were very calming. After taking care of disrobing & the required DC, she had me lie on my back and get comfortable. She adjusted the pillows under me just so under my head, neck, back, and knees. Then she sat between my legs.

She placed one hand over my heart and her other hand on my cock & balls. She told me to “Breathe”. We spend a few moments looking into each other’s eyes. That was powerful and unexpected. She told me to “allow the warmth of my body to flow into you” and “imagine all boundaries between us disappearing.” She didn’t have to tell me twice. I was helpless. I did whatever she told me to do.

She used warm coconut oil which really added to the sensory overload. The sweetness of smell, the warm smooth sensations on my skin. The entire area between my legs was hers and she was intent on touching everything BUT my dick. She started stroking my groin crease. Up and down, then all around with her fingertips. She also stroked that sensitive are between my balls and ass which almost felt like electric current. When she finally got to my dick, the little guy was throbbing with pleasure. Instead of the old school hand-job pumping motion, she alternately squeezed and stroked my happy friend. Everything she did was slow and deliberate and unusual. Every time my little guy would start to build up for the big one, she would change things up and touch me faster, or slower, or harder, or softer, or simply stopped to kiss me which effectively prolonged my pleasure.

I got a quick erection but then I could tell that even though it felt great, I was losing it. Sonja seemed to be oblivious and continued to stimulate me. She must have noticed I was getting distracted by my failure to stay hard because she assured me of what I already knew, “You don’t need an erection to experience pleasure.” Her stroking became like the waves, just kept coming and I started to relax about performing and just enjoy. And just like the waves, my erection kept returning. I don’t consider myself “goal-oriented” but this was taking me to a whole new level of not thinking or self-judging and just receiving.

I knew going in to this party that the point was not to cum and that I can get my body retrained to cum without ejaculation. But, the flesh is weak & I just may not be able to get back as often as I’d like for “treatments” so I let her know I wanted to orgasm. Sonja is nothing if not the ultimate accommodator. The climax I had after that long drawn out foreplay was mind-blowing.

I booked this party with Sonja because I was curious to see if there was anything to it. I knew at the very least I’d get a world-class hand-job. In spite of my high expectations, Sonja managed to out-perform my imagination and provide an experience that will make my list of most unforgettable moments. Of course, I will go to her again.


Tom Cat

“I’m sorry,” I told Sonja. “I’m babbling. But you’re so much more than I expected.”

Sonja and I were sitting on the couch in the bar. Despite our only having met minutes previously, she had casually put her foot between my legs. I figured this was because she shared my arousal at meeting someone who knew the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re.’

“I knew you were gorgeous,” I said nervously. “But you’re so, well, so girly. Not that I didn’t think you weren’t girly. Hell, I’m babbling again.” Sonja just smiled and pressed her foot into my groin. It was at this point that I noticed Sonja’s short dress had ridden up to her hips and that she was wearing nothing underneath.

Despite these distractions we enjoyed an extended conversation, including anecdotes of her adult film work, which verified my suspicion that actors have a hard time keeping from laughing when working on a production titled “A Woman’s Asshole Needs Attention, Too.” Sonja also shared an amusing tale about her prostitution debut where, assuming that in a brothel nudity was the norm, she strolled into the bar to turn in the money from her first booking completely naked.

At length, we adjourned to her bedroom where we quickly agreed on a price I found commensurate with going rates. Sonja prefers not to negotiate for time, but she was extremely generous with the time she spent with me both before and after our intimacy, as well as post coital cuddle time, a rarity in an industry where the norm is, “get ‘em off and get ‘em out.” And when considering total cost, one has to factor in the business with no panties and the foot in my crotch.

Sonja looks exactly like her pictures, which abound. All of her anatomy is original factory equipment, and is in excellent working order. Trust me on this—I checked. As she undressed--a perfunctory process, since she hadn’t bothered with panties--my only disappointment was that since she’s possibly the most nekkid woman around, seeing her in the altogether for the first time was pretty much déjà vu—or perhaps déjà view. Her only hardware is earrings; her only tattoo a miniscule design on her right hip. Speaking of hips, I should add that Sonja’s derriere was sculpted in heaven. The only surprise was psychological. Sonja’s larger than life internet presence had led me to imagine her as a tall woman, but she’s a few inches shorter than my average height. She describes herself as only a moderate drinker. Smoking wasn’t a problem for us—since it was our first time together, we took things slow.

Sonja is one of those treasures who is old enough to be in the full bloom of her sexuality, but having only turned out a year ago, she still does her customers as if they were boyfriends. At least that’s how she did me. Afterwards, she snuggled against me and whispered sweet nothings in my ear. As a writer, Sonja’s command of sweet nothings equals her physical command of sweet somethings. She’s the only provider who ever made this quintessential cheapskate think about extending the party just to prolong the cuddle time. In the end my parsimony overcame my prurience—but as Wellington said about Waterloo, it was a damn close run thing.

Something delightfully spooky occurred during our tryst—on occasion Sonja seemed to intuit what turned me on, moving her body into this or that intimate position, and murmuring this or that salacious phrase without being cued. When I mentioned this afterwards, she smiled and said, ‘chemistry.’ Personally, I think it was witchcraft, but I’m not complaining.

Sonja mentioned that she’s at a point in her life where her finances allow her to pick and choose her pay-for-playmates. I’m flattered that I made her list—and she’s certainly on my list of ladies I gotta see again.

Rand McNally


This was not my first Rodeo with Sonja but I have to tell you it was a challenge at times to hold on. She made sure my motivation was powerful enough to sustain a marathon, though. I booked what has become my favorite value party. It’s her overnight extended stay. It was quite the drive to get to Love Ranch Vegas (I drove from NM) so I was dusty, road worn, with a face full of bristle by the time I arrived for our evening date. Sonja settled me into my room and gave me time to shower, shave, and compose myself for an evening of scintillating conversation, world-class fucking, massage, and extended naked cuddling. When you are familiar with your lover as I am with Sonja, you know what to expect. Somehow, though, our play is always a little different every time.

This time we broke routine and had a couple of drinks first at the bar. Chat with Sonja is both easy and stimulating. She and I come from different worlds and she is a sponge for new perspectives. I enjoy telling her what I know about the things I know that aren’t common knowledge and she is always ready with a startlingly intelligent comment or keen question. She’s not all talk. She tends to punctuate her sentences with sensual touches, spontaneous kisses, and wicked glances. The body language adds a whole other dimension to our “conversation” that makes it much more interesting than it would ever be if you just read a script of what is said.

Playtime was as bawdy and erotic as expected. Sonja has this clit that she is very happy with and why shouldn’t she be? It’s beautiful and easy to play with. She is very easily stimulated and cums hard and often. What position does she like best? All of them. In our case, she is a sprite in bed, building me up and then changing things around to keep the pleasure from overflowing before she’s done. Sometimes, she will follow up an epic session of sex with a Jacuzzi bath. This time after she drained the life out of me, she gave me a deep tissue massage. Needless to say, I wasn’t really good for anything more that required movement on my part after that, so she decided to feed me.

I have hit the culinary jackpot every time I’ve visited the LRV. I eat whatever was prepared for the ladies that day. This time it was Beef Stroganoff and a delicious Broccoli salad. Sorry that the name of that salad doesn’t convey how out of this world it was. Of course, there were still things for us to talk about over dinner and the time passed too quickly. When Sonja gauged that she had given me enough sustenance to “molest” me again, she took me by the hand and led me back to her room.

I’m not a young man anymore but that doesn’t seem to matter to Sonja. She is “greedy” (her word) when it comes to cumming and she is an artist in bed. She drew from me everything she wanted. Often, we may shower afterwards and I get my goodnight kisses and cuddles. This time I was paralyzed and nearly in a coma already so she bid me goodnight and reminded me about our wake-up call in the morning. I slept like the dead.

…only to wake up with a warm naked body curled into mine and soft breath on my neck. It’s pretty amazing how a man can bounce back with the right incentives. My body had already forgotten my age and previous activity and was ready to start this new day with a bang. What a way to celebrate the 4th of July! You just need the right firecracker to light you up. In cases like this, I don’t mind starting the day already worn out. This was the end of our date and it was time to pack up and head out.

But wait, there is more. Sonja is renowned for not knowing how to cook. I have never minded because she more than makes up for that with her other talents. This time, she cooked an old-school breakfast with home-made from scratch hash-brown patties, bacon, eggs over easy, English muffins, fruit, OJ, coffee… a feast fit for a king. She joked that she never expected to learn to cook at a brothel. We ate together and enjoyed more of that conversation that has cemented us in friendship and, by the time we were done, my energy was restored. What Sonja taketh she giveth back in legion. The drive home didn’t seem like a big deal anymore.

I can’t say enough about this over-the-top sexy lady. If you haven’t had an experience with her, your life is less complete than you may realize. Put her on your bucket list and don't wait.


Harley CEO – July 4, 2018


One of the highlights of my, part business and part pleasure adventure in NV was the time spent partying with Sonja. I met up with her early afternoon, got a grand tour of the facilities, then followed her to her room for the usual negotiations. She is very comfortable and relaxed, making me feel right at home. I find her to be bright and articulate, an experienced lover, and basically a whole lot of fun. I enjoy her company very much. We've done this before, so we quickly settled in to a round of kissing and fondling, progressing to her world class blow job, then to some serious sex. We enjoy talking while screwing, sometimes with her on top in cowgirl position, and me pretending to be the human Sybian (still working on the sound effects). I think the highlight of the party was my cracking a joke right in the middle of one of her orgasms, sending her off sideways. She seemed to enjoy the sensations. Eventually I climaxed as well, took a shower, and went on my way. Good party.

Max Wood



It is lovely to find you here. I have admired you for ages. I think I first found you on ModelMayhem a while back. You have proven memorable not only for your singular beauty, but also for the music of your name.

The photography is wonderful, and shows an uncommon degree of artfulness. I really appreciate how you understand and fully control the sensual power of your body. The stark impression of your outright nudity is quite powerful, but the delicate peekaboo appeal of your indulgent flesh draped in elegant fabrics has its own special potency.

What is most appealing about you is your audacity and the ease with which you carry your power as a sexual being. You are clearly a nudist rather than an exhibitionist. Beyond this, is the sense of wonder and adventure that you seem to bring to everything.

I have sent you a friend request, and I am hoping to connect with you here. I am currently experimenting with film photography. I love cameras with strange design flaws because of the serendipity it creates. I would love it if you could join me for some experiments in this regard some time. Meanwhile, let’s be friends here.





… Based upon reviews and various posts, I choose Madam Sonja. She gave an incredible party from as soon as the door closed to me saying MERCY. Her hands were all over me from the start. Multiple orgasms were had by both of us…




Her pictures are accurate. Slender, 5’5-5’6”, 110lbs?, 29-35 yrs old?, blonde with natural DD’s and pubic hair is bare, bald, zip, nada. Ethnic background, European.

30 minute, let’s see what we can get done type, Couple of BJ's , lots of DATY, multiple orgasms, kiss, DFK, cuddling and all that fun stuff. I was tired from the long drive up and stopped to kill some time before heading to my hotel so I thought a 30 minute party would be ok, Well it turned into almost a full hour of full on GFE sex, with a lady that really enjoys sex! A truly great sex party.

Negotiation was easy. I got what I wanted plus great attitude to boot. Nothing was disallowed & the overall experience was fantastic. YES!!!!! I would repeat & recommend her to all my friends.




A week ago I was sitting at the Brothel bar. I’d enjoyed myself so much that I didn’t want to leave, but I’d run out of time, spent my trick roll, and my libido was on empty. Sonja stood behind me massaging my shoulders.

I had intended to compute a median cost per orgasm, but my data was corrupted by Sonja, who climaxes easily and often. Including tips, gifts, a round of drinks for the house (I made damn sure there were no other customers present for that little bit of madness) an upscale room at nearby hotel, meals, and gas for the round trip, I still spent under $2K. There was no charge for the considerable amount of time I spent hanging out in the public area, which included titillating conversation, exchanging sultry looks, languorous stroking of various body parts, and best of all, shared laughter over lewd double entendres and bawdy jokes.

Sonja says her business plan is to offer service to all levels of spenders, from pikers such as McNally, to high rollers willing to pay to pull out all the stops. For the latter she has at least one VIP room which eventually will have an outside patio. Sonja told me she handpicks her courtesans, to achieve a mix which will appeal to a variety of tastes. She doesn’t plan on having huge Busby-Berkley lineups; she wants to have enough women to accommodate the customers, but few enough that the women are satisfied with their opportunity to earn. Makes sense to me. amazing experience—and one I can’t wait to repeat.


Rand McNally


My recent hot tub party with Sonja can be described as second to none. Sonja is a very attractive and very accommodating lady. She will not place a lot of limitations or stipulations on what you can or cannot do, other than those imposed by the house or the state of Nevada.

She really enjoys being at the brothel. I was a little skeptical at first, but what she says is pretty much the way it is. The only exception is the description of her being a "brickhouse". A better term I think is "white hot". Red or hot just doesn't do her justice.

The hot tub party is an outdoor affair. You can gaze at the moon or the stars if you can keep your eyes off of Sonja.

Everything is very reasonable in terms of cost, so next time you are in Nevada area stop in and see Sonja. You won't be disappointed.

the badger



Her pictures are available all over the internet. She’s athletic with curves, approx 45 to 54 with
38 D's & natural, responsive nipples.

Sonja is sensual, fun, smart, adventurous, Oh Yeah!

We had a 90 minute party - with some get reacquainted time before followed by wind down time chatting in the bar area following the party. Sonja is very open minded and enjoys a broad spectrum of (safe) activities.

Sonja was open to everything that I desired - negotiated for GFE+, with DFK, DATY, and a trip to the isles. Per previous reviews stimulating conversation and cuddling during recovery periods. My experience was outstanding! What a great way to be reintroduced to the brothel scene. I will repeat as soon as funds and schedule permit! I highly (and without hesitation) would recommend Sonja!

I stopped off at the brothel during a cross-country drive. I had the good fortune to be introduced to Sonja (she had just arrived and was not working) - however we chatted and talked about my 'long ago' experiences and how things had evolved. We discussed my fantasy party - and if this was something Sonja might be interested in making a reality. Thankfully she was - so we scheduled a meeting for a few weeks later - when I would be returning and have an appropriate budget to hand.

Party was all that I wished for - fun times in the company of a very intelligent lady willing to give her all for your pleasure and fulfillment.



I couldn't have asked for better company, for a better partner, nor could I think of anyone I'd rather have been with. Thank you again for a lovely time.

Also, you are such a smart lady, don't be surprised if I ask you all sorts of questions on all sorts of things! Mostly, though, I wish you could be cloned, so there'd be more pretty ladies with great libidos for all the men on earth!


July 10, 2018 - From Alyshia


 Sonja is fit and tan with blonde, pixie hair. Super positive and outgoing. I got 1hr. Wake-up "good morning" sex. She crawled into my bed in the morning. Some fun fore-play leading to straight sex followed up with a cuddly after-glow with a conversation that was as good as the rest of our time together. She stayed within my budget but went well beyond my expectations. I will definitely be back. I found her to be wise. Buy her book to really understand this dynamic woman, better yet, schedule some time with her. Only then can you experience this vivacious lover. Her Ladies page is accurate but doesn't do her justice. She is everything there and more.


Sonja’s attitude is fantastic and very “can do”. She is not only the madam on the menu, She is an educator, business woman and enjoys all the hanky panky like every other beautiful lady in the biz. From what I read, she parties just as much and hard as the other ladies. She is also a nudist and travels the world.

My party was a Reiki massage and involved no sex. However, when she massaged me, I closed my eyes and saw thousands of beautiful naked women doing back flips on the beach. And then I visualized them being swept out to sea by the tides, and back again. It was kind of surreal.

Anyway, you should try this out, and see what dreams you come up with.



“Isn’t Goldie lovely?” I asked Sonja. ‘She has a perfectly shaped bottom. And wonderfully soft natural breasts.” As I named Goldie’s parts, I fondled them. “She’s such a gorgeous little thing. I’m so glad you talked me into this.”

The subject of my comments was fervently sucking on Sonja’s nipples. Both women were obviously aroused, but I thought I should get at least some credit—after all, I was the one paying. “She’s an English major, I told Sonja. “I think talking about her in the third person turns her on.”

Goldie abruptly broke into a peal of laughter. “McNally, I think you’re the first customer I’ve ever had who knew what the third person is.”

But to start from the beginning...

SONJA: Most correspondents know Sonja as Madame of both the Alien Cathouse and Love Ranch South in Crystal. For those who haven't had the pleasure, Sonja is a statuesque 50-something lady who became a sex provider, not for the money, but because she saw it as a personal odyssey. There are copious naughty pictures of her on her house websites and Facebook pages. She is friendly, educated, easy to talk with, and is a fantastic sex partner. Since becoming a Madame she has created a unique customer-friendly atmosphere in both her houses, and yet still finds time to screw her regular clients as the only Madame on the menu in the trade.

But Sonja is not perfect. Apparently, she has difficulty keeping track of her lingerie. “I see you’re not wearing any panties again,” I said during our last encounter. I only had to lift her skirt slightly to confirm my suspicion.

Sonja shrugged. “I couldn’t find any.” She and I have this conversation every time we meet. I’m beginning to suspect that she never wears panties, and is just pulling my leg.


During my last intimacy with Sonja a spontaneous event (never mind what) made her extremely aroused. Afterward we agreed to look for other new things to broaden our sexual horizon. Sonja had mentioned a mutual attraction with Goldie; occasional smoldering glances had progressed to flirting. We speculated that a threesome might be just the thing to spice up our own sex life, and at the same time satisfy Sonja and Goldie’s mutual lust. Sonja had participated in both of my previous threesomes. They had been fun, but had lacked the intimacy of one-on-one sex. I hadn’t yet met Goldie, and was leery of including someone who could be an unknown factor.

Then during a visit to Crystal I met Goldie. I contacted Sonja. Arrangements were made. The next day found Goldie and me sitting on the couch in the Love Ranch South lineup room while Sonja booked our party—for which I received what may be possibly the best value I ever got for my brothel dollar. I told Goldie that given the superior sexual capacity of women, I felt two girl parties where both gals concentrated on the guy were silly male ego trips. I wanted her and Sonja be as sexually involved with each other as with me. That was the only scenario we discussed, everything that followed happened spontaneously. And I got my wish.


“Wow!” Sonja gasped after Goldie’s attentions made her climax. I told Goldie she should be proud. During previous parties I’d gotten a few shouts and groans from Sonja, but never a ‘wow!’

When Sonja and I began caring for Goldie, she laid on her back with a rhapsodized look, segueing from Sonja’s sophisticated lover to carefree girl. “She’s going to cum,” I whispered to Sonja. “I can feel it building up in her.” I was focused on kissing and caressing the more interesting parts of Goldie’s upper half, so I couldn’t see what sort of girl stuff Sonja was doing with Goldie’s lower parts, but seconds later Goldie went rigid and screamed as if she were being electrocuted. As I supported her arched spine I worried she might hurt herself. It was the most intense female orgasm I’ve ever witnessed, and as Sonja’s regular sex partner, that’s saying a lot.

There came a point where Sonja suggested I might like to be inside one of them; as I knew she expected (perhaps because she likes to watch?) What followed was extremely erotic hetero-sex, with a sweet dollop of homo, as Sonja helped us by fingering Goldie’s key spots, and Goldie leaned back to deep-kiss Sonja while she did me. I’ve mentioned my previous two girl parties had seemed less intimate than one-on-one sex. This time that wasn’t the case; as Goldie rode me as if the devil was pursuing her, I was aware of Sonja, but as Goldie threw back her head in a strangled cry, her eyes rolling back into her head, at that moment it seemed as if Goldie and I were the only two people in the world. I’m guessing the prior sex with Sonia had primed Goldie’s pump; being loved by another woman who knew exactly how the female body works was better than any foreplay I could offer.

Some time later Goldie momentarily collapsed on me. As I stroked her sweating back, I murmured, “I may have prolonged this past the point where I can climax inside you. But Sonja and I have a Plan B.”

“What’s Plan B?” she asked as Sonja caressed her. I whispered it in her ear.

Goldie raised her face from my shoulder and gave me an impish grin. “My God. That is so hot. I want Plan B!”

That was good, because more stuff followed, and after accommodating the hetero side of Goldie’s sexuality—to the limited extent that was possible for only one male--we definitely needed Plan B.


After a shared shower, we returned to the lineup room couch, where Goldie draped herself over us, head in Sonja’s lap, legs in mine, a look of exhausted satisfaction on her face. Nothing was said about it, but it was as if we were a family—dad, mom and daughter. It wasn’t exactly The Waltons, but it was sweet; a couple and a younger woman who had bonded through shared passion. When my two companions read this report, I encourage them to add their own comments, or better yet, to write their own versions, and create an X-rated version of Rashomon.


Rand McNally



Sonja’s attitude was welcoming. We romped around for a most enjoyable time (hour plus) after an easy negotiation. Nothing that I desired proved to be off limits! It was amazing & I’m already planning a repeat.

Business took me to Nevada so I worked on arranging a visit with Madame Sonja whom I first met before her arrival. We corresponded back and forth to set things up - and after surviving a travel nightmare arrived at the brothel in the small hours. Mdm. Sonja paced herself to ensure that she was fresh and ready upon my arrival. Some great hugs to get reacquainted in the parlor prior to taking care of booking the party and heading back to her room.

All I can say is that I am glad that Mdm. Sonja has a room in a private hallway or we would have awakened the whole house. Talk about rejuvenation and bounce back energy - Sonja provided the consummate catalyst as we rolled, intertwined and generally acted as expected of those half our age!

After Mdm. Sonja help us freshen up at the conclusion of our party - we returned to the parlor for a drink.

As the sun began to rise, I took my leave - heading back out to tinsel town!



Photos Real/up-to-date: Yes Age: 45+ Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 5'5"-5'10" Body Type: Athletic Breast Appearance: Natural Ass: Nice and Round Smokes: No Pornstar: Yes Punctuality: Yes

Sonja looked like a very good looking quality lady, very smart and easy to chat with. She gave me the experience of my life. Sonja is beautiful, complete attention, holding and touching the whole time. We took a jacuzzi at the end together and chatted for a while. I got lost getting there and was 1 hour late and thankfully she took it in stride - what a lady. You will never find anyone like Sonja. I will save my money and most definitely go back to see Sonja if she will be gracious enough to let me visit her again. Sonja gave me exactly what I wanted, how did she know that?

- Goodboy66



I first contacted Sonja via text about a month before a business trip. Even though her brothel is out of the way and in the middle of nowhere, It is a beautiful drive and she is well worth the drive, as others have eluded to. Sonja is very laid back and comfortable to be around.

First off, this was a 2 hour session. When I arrived Sonja was waiting on the patio. She had a bubble bath half drawn in the jacuzzi tub, and apologized that she was out of hot water. Anyway, we got into our birthday suits and I'm amazed at the body this milf has, she must spend a lot of time keeping in shape. We started in with dfk and I worked my way down to her breasts and then to the promised land- great hygiene- and went to work until she o'd, or appeared to, and I'm guessing she did judging by how sensitive she got. And then it was my turn, and Sonja gives a world class blowjob!!! DT, lots of bls, spit and tempo variance and she really knows how to get you on edge and keep you there and she brags about it as I'm squirming with delight. Then she moved up to stripper slide. We then did 69 for awhile- man this gal can suck cock! We both agreed that it was time for the main course and she got on top for cow girl and as she fucked the crap outta me I eventually blew my load in this position. Sonja then asks if I got another in me and I let her know I'm a 1 shot guy and she says okay, let me check on the jacuzzi and hot water is back. She asks if I would like a massage while we're waiting for the tub to fill and of course I don't turn this down. To my surprise, she gives a first class certified massage therapist type back rub. Then the hot tub is ready and we sit in there facing each other and rub feet. Sonja then starts giving me a foot job and I start to get hard, she asks if I'm sure I'm done and I smile and say yes, I'm done. She starts the shower and we both rinse off and as I'm getting my boxers on, she's in bed on her back and pulls me closer and pulls the leg opening off to the side - holey shit this woman is a sexual dynamo!!! Anyway, make sure you eat your Wheaties before paying this one a visit.

- Thrillsnow


After 3 months of work only and no fun I decided it is time for fun during a conference when I was away from home. After some research and especially some media I saw, the choice was clear. Communication with Sonja was swift and personal, the way I like it. Sonia exceeded my expectations.

After seeing Sonia & doing some research, I had no choice but to set up a date, as I was always intrigued by her and her movies for a company who specializes in mature and very mature movies. I love her smile and the short blond hair.  She received me in a nice see-through negligee, showing her lovely breast, and for a woman like her I only can say WOW !!!! After chatting and relaxing in the tub we moved to the bed where the kissing, licking, petting and all other pre games started, She truly loves what she does and all skills are top-notch.  We started slowly with missionary, but I could not resist and I needed to “unload” earlier than I really wanted, call that over excitement….., but we continued after the cleanup with a massage and with her oral skills she made me cum again, which was a surprise for me. Sonja, thanks a lot for a great afternoon and I hopefully will make it back to repeat our fun. Treat her like a lady and you will have an amazing time