Hi, I'm  Zoie and welcome to my page.


I'm a Purpose Driven Bratty Demisexual Switch.  I love all things BDSM but I am also an Amorous & Nurturing Goddess.  My dualities help me to explore - myself - and you. My mind is always full of delightful perversions that fuel my smutty blogs and I will be happy to whisper those naughty aphrodisiacs into your ear when we're behind closed doors.   I am an advocate, philosopher relationship broker, and an educator. Outside the bedroom I can be your bartender or I can serenade you with my Karaoke prowess.  Or...we can enjoy verbal intercourse.  I enjoy open and honest people and conversations as well as people who can outwit me. Want to know anything else about me?  I am an open book.  Just ask me.