Hi, I'm  Belle and welcome to my page.


"...there was an ethereal elegance to her movements.  She floated out to the bar with her heavy lidded eyes, her sly confident half smile, “Behhhhhllle!” It was a conditioned group response.  Her name called in unison with the same inflection as mooing cattle.  In response, Belle simply untied her white halter and flashed her generous breasts and sang “Freak Flag Fly” to the top three notes from “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. It wouldn’t have been Belle if she didn’t pull her girls out to party.  All she needed was no excuse."  - Sex Warrior

Most importantly, No matter how you think you see me, The one true fact about me is that I love to have fun.  Like the stars, I shine bright at night but that doesn't mean I don't love afternoon (or morning) delight.  I am omni-sexual with a sharp appetite for physical connection.  Sex brings me to life.  I'm real between the sheets and I'm a real friend.  I was nominated for "Courtesan of the Year" a lucky 7 times before I won that honor.  That kudos was followed by the "Courtesan Career Achievement Award".  Not sure what other awards they can come up for what I bring to the bedroom so I think I'll just keep my focus on living in the moment and let the narrators come up with the descriptions of my adventures.